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PC Repair
The PC department at pcHelp is one of the best-equipped diagnostic stations in the industry.  With high-speed ram testers and monitor testing equipment, pcHelp has it all.  Our lead PC technicians all have over ten years experience in their field of specialty. Our PC Technicians also carry many industry-recognized awards of achievement.

Power Surges
Power Surges and brownouts are one of the leading causes of PC failure. The Technicians at pcHelp have the equipment and skills necessary to identify a power surge as the cause of the problems) and can not only replace the dead hardware, but can also identify damaged circuitry in still-working hardware. We are able to recommend replacement before the system crashes at a crucial time.

Computer viruses have become an absolute fact of life. They are much more prevalent among PC's now. They are transmissible via modem, floppy disk, network, or any shared resource. The technicians at pcHelp have been known to find, and safely remove, previously undocumented viruses. pcHelp have at least three now-known virus inoculations to their credit.  These people you would want as your doctors, if you were you a sick PC!
The "Bug" Collection
Here at pcHelp we have one of the largest collections of virus "specimens" that anyone could  want to destroy.  We know how viruses work and how to protect systems from them without slowing your down your systems.

Yes! We speak English. When you bring your PC in for repair at pcHelp, you will have your diagnosis explained in terms you can understand. Techno-babble is for the guys in the IS department at Microsoft. You are not a cyber-geek and we will not  talk to you like you are. We feel that it is important for customers to understand what is going on with their equipment.

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